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Why did I open a language school?


"I had a dream some years ago that...."
"Volt egy álmom évekkel ezelőtt, hogy ........."

Én I have always dreamt of having my own language school after I decided to become an English language teacher.

went to England at the age of 19 speaking very little English only relying on the knowledge I learnt during my primary and secondary school years. I lived and studied in Manchester for two and a half years, I attended Manchester Academy of English. After one and a half year I took and passed Cambridge FCE and after half a year later I passed Cambridge CAE successfully. During my stay in England, Manchester I would have liked to become from fitness instructor to flight attendant to tourist guide. However, while I was prepairing for my CAE examination I realised how much I loved English and I wanted to teach this language for others. Teaching not only the language itself but also the love of language, the diversity and culture of English language.

I came back to Hungary in order to complete university education and receive a degree of English and English language teacher. I started teaching as early as a second year student in a language school and after receiving my degree I continued teaching in another language school where I gathered all those experiences by which I can help a language learner the most to achieve his or her aim the most effectively.

When establishing my language school I set the target that I will support language development of my students. I asked to teach such colleagues besides me who are professionally skilled, carry out cheerful classes with high level of proficiency and inspirational individuals and last but not least are always ready to give a helping hand.


About me as an English teacher

Én mint nyelvtanár

  • I have been teaching since 2002, I got my Master Degree of English in 2007 at University of Debrecen.
  • Between 2004 and 2007 I also worked as an interpreter. Over the years I taught people from all walks of life.
  • I used to teach business English at different companies and businesses, and English as a second language to foreign students.
  • Students, who I prepared for either intermediate or advanced level language examinations, successfully passed their exams.

In my opinion, a good English lesson means that both students and teacher have a good time in class and studying itself is a pleasant pass time activity. For me, the ability to communicate well at the target language is essential. During class speaking is at focus - I myself learnt to speak in English this way - therefore I believe this is the best way to learn expressions and build up a wide range of vocabulary easily so a very good command of English can be achieved.

I love teaching, a successful learner makes me happy.
During my classes besides interesting and inspirational materials it is a key to have a good atmosphere, and last but not least besides practising continous development is at focus.
I myself is a passionate language learner as I speak Spanish at basic level and French at intermediate level besides English.

Learning English or other languages is not difficult! You can learn cheerfully and easily its only a matter of decision. Choose our school so we can prove this to you.