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Töltsd ki a szintfelmérőt

1. ________________. Can you close the window, please?
2. '________________?' No, she’s out.’
3. Look, there’s Sarah. _______________ a brown coat.
4. You can turn off the television. _____________it.
5. ‘_______________ on Sundays?’ ‘No, not usually.’
6. I don’t understand this sentence. What _______?
7. Please be quiet. _________________
8. Tom ___________ a shower every morning.
9. The weather __________ last week.
10. Terry ___________ in a bank from 1996 to 2003.
11. How __________? ‘ I don’t know. I didn’t see it.’
12. What ____________ at 11.30 yesterday?
13. Jack was reading a book when the phone _______________.
14. ‘Where’s Rebecca?’ ‘_______________to bed.’
15. ‘Are Diane and Paul here? No, they ____________.’
16. My sister ____________by plane.
17. How long ____________ married? ‘Since 1998.’
18 Richard has been in Canada _______________.
19. This house ___________ 100 years ago.
20. We ____________ to the party last week.
21. Somebody ___________ this window.
22. Andrew ___________ tennis tomorrow.
23. ‘What time is the concert tonight?’ It ___________at 7.30.’
24. There’s a good film on Tv tonight. _____________ it.
25. It’s a nice day. __________ for a walk?
26. ________________ to the cinema this evening, but I’m not sure.
27. ‘_______________here?’ ‘Yes, of course.’
28. We ____________ walk home last night. There were no buses.
29. It’s a good film. You ____________ go and see it.
30. What time ___________ go to the dentist tomorrow?
31. ‘________________ some coffee? No, thank you.’
32. Dave ____________ in a factory. Now he works in a supermarket.
33. I haven’t got a car, but my sister ___________.
34. I don’t like hot weather, but Sue ________.
35. ‘Nicole got married last week.’ ‘_____________ Really?
36. You haven’t met my mother, _________?
37. I’d like to go to Australia.’ ‘___________’
38. What _________ when you told him the story?
39. __________ taller - Joe or Gary?
40. There are four umbrellas here. __________ is yours?
41. You shouldn’t __________ so hard.
42. Tina has decided ________ her car.
43 .I don’t mind ________ early.
44. Do you want __________you some money?
45. Sue and Kevin are going to the cinema. Do you want to go with __________?
46. I didn’t have an umbrella, so Helen gave me __________.
47. I went out to meet a friend of ________.
48. He ate his dinner very ______.
49. You speak English very __________.
50. Athens is older _________ Rome.
51. Tennis isn’t _________football.
52. The weather today is the same ____________yesterday.
53. Is your English __________ a conversation?
54. _____________late this evening, don’t wait for me.
55. I like this jacket. ________ it if it wasn’t so expensive.
56. Emma lives in a house _______is 400 years old.
57. Did you find the book ___________?
58. Hurry! The Train leaves __________five minutes.
59. ‘How long will you be away?’ ‘____________Monday.’
60. What is the largest city _________ the world?
61. The office is ________ the first floor.
62. I met a lot of people_________ the party.
63. Jane isn’t at work this week. She’s ___________holiday.
64. Do you like travelling________?
65. Paul left the room suddenly. He said he ________to go.
66. I know I locked the door. I clearly remember _______it.
67. She tried to be serious, but she couldn’t help__________.
68. Are you looking forward __________ on holiday?
69. When Lisa came to Britain, she had to get used __________on the left.
70. I’m thinking _________ a house. Do you think that’s a good idea?
71. Jim doesn’t speak very clearly. ____________
72. _________a hotel, we looked for somewhere to have dinner.
73. You should insure your bike_________stolen.
74. They are very kind to me. They treat me ________ their own son.
75. I’m not very good_______ repairing things.
76. If you’re worried about the problem, you should do something ________it.
77. ‘What time will you be home?’ ‘I don’t know. It depends __________the traffic.
78. I prefer tea _______coffee.
79. If I were rich, _______a yacht.
80. I wish I _____ have to work tomorrow, but unfortunately I do.
81.The view was wonderful. If ______ a camera with me, I would have taken some photograps.
82. The weather is horrible. I wish it ______raining.
83. I was surprised that Kate wasn’t at the meeting yesterday. She _______ about it.
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